About Us!

About Us

Our Products

We passionately produce handcrafted skin care products:

  • natural lip balms
  • French clay masks
  • silky natural body butters
  • refreshing floral waters
  • gentle body and face exfoliants
  • purifying cleansers with shea butter
  • natural serums
  • moisturisers
  • lash products

Natural and Organic Ingredients

At Beauty Origin Lab, we believe in the power of Nature and use a wide spectrum of natural and organic ingredients.


To enhance psychological and physical effect of using our products, we add essential oils extracted from leaves, bark, stems, flowers, roots and other parts of a plant. It is widely believed that inhaled aroma stimulates brain function while the oils themselves can be absorbed through the skin and stimulate a desired body response.

Custom Manufacturing

Beauty Origin Lab offers custom manufacturing services helping companies to stand out and create their own skin care products.

Having your own brand name line of products takes your business to a whole new level and serves as an indicator of professional stability, establishment and trustworthiness.

We have extremely low minimums which allow you to reduce risks, save storage space and please your customers with freshly-made skin care products.

At Beauty Origin Lab, we are constantly optimizing existing processes and increase efficiency of our operations to provide our clients with cost-effective services.