Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing

There are hundreds of spas in Toronto, and most of them carry exactly the same brands.

In other words, the products they are selling to their customers do not give them uniqueness, do not project their values and beliefs, and do not allow them to address their customers’ specific needs. Moreover, these spas have minimal control over the products’ formulas and packaging, and most important, by selling other brands, these spas do not promote THEIR OWN business.

Private label manufacturing gives you the flexibility to build a brand for YOUR business and to stand out in the world of tough competition. You deserve to decide which products you want to sell, which ingredients they will include, how they will be packaged. Your business deserves to have its logo on the products you sell to your customers.

Unlike most private label manufacturers, Beauty Origin Lab has extremely low minimums which allow its clients to reduce financial risks, minimize investments, save storage space and have more control over their orders.

Our clients are not just a number for us. We have a personal approach to every business we work with, and we do our very best to give our clients exactly what they are looking for, whether it’s packaging our products under the client’s label or developing a totally new product.

Your benefits:

  • Your logo on your products
  • Uniqueness and individuality that make YOUR business stand out
  • Control over ingredients, scent, texture, packaging, size
  • Control over order frequency and order size
  • Very low minimums
  • Very affordable prices